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How to boost your practice income by 5%... 9%... 12%...
perhaps even 20%


Add power to your Patient Recall Programme – your easy way to generate more appointments now

Click here to download MORE PATIENTS, MORE OFTEN Part 1: The Better Recall Letters manual.

Usual price £95 – now yours FREE as a download

Act now - limited availability of free copies


Add even MORE POWER to your recall programme with Part Two of 'More Patients, More Often' – the letters kit


Generate extra appointments and income right away with 86 professionally written patient recall letters from one of the UK's leading copywriters

  • Wide choice of text to suit every type of independent practice

  • Available in a printed binder and on CD for immediate use

  • Ideal if you haven’t got the time to write your own letters

  • Full Money-Back Guarantee of success

  • Easy payment via PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account to use this secure facility)

  • To order, just click the button below

Reply Now – and boost your patient recall rate

For just £295 (+VAT) you get 86 compelling letters that motivate your patients to visit your practice – and spend more when they do. Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery. If you have any queries about your order please email us.

Your Guarantee of Success – or your money back

Order your letters kit now and use its professionally written text to generate more business. If you don’t think you’ve more than recouped the cost in extra practice income by using these letters, you may return the kit within six months of receipt for a full refund (independent practices only). Terms and conditions apply.

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How the Independent Marketing Partnership gives you professional and affordable marketing support

  • Attract more patients

  • Increase your dispensing values

  • Strengthen your patient loyalty

  • Retain your professionalism and independence

  • No costly advertising

  • Save at least 70% on the cost of marketing materials

Do you ever feel that competing against the optical groups – and now the supermarkets – is like pushing water uphill? After all, every month your patients are subjected to relentless advertising and offers by the multiples, tempting them to go elsewhere.

Frustrating isn’t it? Especially when you provide professional eye care and quality products at sensible prices.

But now you can compete on a level playing field – with our help. All you have to do is join the Independent Marketing Partnership and take advantage of our support.

What kind of support? See for yourself! Right now you can boost the power of your practice recall letters – for FREE – by following the simple steps outlined in Part One of our new 80 page manual “More Patients, More Often”. Click here to download your FREE copy.

And that's not all. You can obtain Part Two – 86 professionally written patient recall letters, ready for you to use immediately to generate more appointments – by clicking here. What's more you get a full money back guarantee of success.

Plus you can obtain 3 months FREE TRIAL membership of the Partnership if you join now.

Why become a member?

The Partnership is a marketing support group exclusively for independent opticians. As a member you’ll receive a powerful armoury of proven marketing techniques, specially designed for independent practices, that enables you to compete better. And secure your business base for the future.

You don’t have to pay for costly advertising or compromise your professionalism and independence. Just follow the expert advice that has worked for other independents over 14 years.

We're currently helping over 340 practices like yours. And the results have been such that we're willing to give you 3 months free trial membership so you can see for yourself how effective this support is.

Our latest Young Eyes leaflet

Our latest Infocus newsletter

This means you can access our marketing programmes for 3 months without paying the usual £395 annual membership fee. So you'll be able to take advantage of at least 3 promotional campaigns to generate more appointments and increase your dispensing values. All you'll pay for are any marketing leaflets you may decide to use – and even then you'll save at least 70% on the cost compared to non-members.

Plus, you can take part in our on-going patient satisfaction research programme. This will reveal how your patients perceive your practice’s eye care services, its product ranges and its prices. What’s more, it will enable you to compare the results with benchmark figures from over 80 other independent practices and the opinions of over 8,700 patients. Our analysis of your results will identify areas for improving your practice’s business performance through increased patient satisfaction, patient loyalty and retention.

That’s outstanding support for independent opticians like you.

But you’ll need to act now to benefit – this support is only available when you join the Independent Marketing Partnership.

Why not join us?

  • Increase your practice income
  • Increase profitability
  • Increase patient loyalty

We guarantee you save time, hassle and money with us.

Just to give you an idea, one member practice reckons our leaflets alone (and you get a great deal more than leaflets) increased its revenue by 20%. That’s not our view. It’s what an independent optician (Coe, Costa & Moore of Norwich) believes.

To find out about the experience of other members click here.

We give you the professional support you need – research, know-how, proven tools – to talk to your patients…

And persuade them to come back more often …

Then get them to spend more when they do …

Building more sales and profits for your practice.

Act today to take up your free trial membership offer. Just click here or contact us at:

The Independent Marketing Partnership Ltd
9 Southwood Gardens
Hinchley Wood
Surrey KT10 ODF

Tel: 020 8224 1595

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