Over-60s Eye Care
– a market too often ignored?

Find out – by following some simple marketing steps – how to keep around 40% of your patients satisfied and loyal.

The over-60s represent such a large proportion of your customer base that it would be madness not to communicate with them properly. Especially as many older patients are prosperous.

This age group is most vulnerable to problems such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Yet many older patients are not aware of the need for regular eye examinations to detect and monitor eye disease – or even that they’re entitled to free tests under the NHS.

Tell them – and they’ll stay loyal and buy.

Our Age & Vision programme informs them – and helps put their minds at rest.

It explains the vision issues related to age, using language that is easy to understand, and encourages older people to make an appointment.

Our leaflet and letter also reassures them - research shows that individual attention is particularly important to this age group and they like to know they won’t be rushed.

Just communicating that little extra attention goes a long way to ensure they remain loyal patients.

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