Your free benchmarking service

How do you know how you’re doing compared to other independents? Try our free benchmarking service – it leaves you in no doubt – and it’s confidential.

It measures eye tests, practice revenue, eye test fees, key product prices and product sales every quarter. We send you an analysis showing average results per category so you can see how you’re doing against others.

Harsh Shah from Eyewise Opticians, Hillingdon sums it up:

“The benchmarking service is invaluable.
I’m always interested to know what’s
happening with other opticians.
I use it extensively.”

But don’t worry about your privacy. We don’t publish individual practice figures. The information is only used to calculate total and average figures for the quarterly summary report.

The results let you see your relative strengths and weaknesses against key performance indicators. You also get information on what’s happened before to identify important market trends, such as demand for eye tests and prices for spectacle lenses.

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