Childrens eye care – a missed opportunity?

You know how important eye care is to an adult – and for a child, even more so.

So it’s no surprise that the children’s eye care market is much more valuable than many might think. True, dispensing rates and values are lower for children, but if you look after them there’s a good chance they will stay with you.

Above all, don’t forget this:

A family is very likely to use the same practice for
all its members.

So if you successfully supply children’s eye care, you'll probably attract their parents. Equally, if your practice loses its children’s business, you’ll probably lose the adults too.

Our Young Eyes programme tells parents about the benefits of using your practice for their children’s vision. Its proven methods include:

  • A leaflet which explains the importance of children’s eye care and how your practice specialises in looking after young eyes

  • Two posters which promote free NHS eye tests and free glasses for kids

  • A press release and editorial article for use in your local paper

  • A letter to parents explaining why regular eye tests are essential for children

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