Some Questions Answered

Q: How can you offer such large savings on the cost of newsletters and leaflets?

A: We spread the costs of design, copywriting and printing over the membership, achieving economies of scale, so that the cost per individual practice is very low. For example, you save at least £2,000 when you order a patient newsletter compared to what it would cost if you did it yourself.

Q: Do I have to use all your marketing campaigns?

A: No. You choose the ones that are most appropriate for your practice. Most members use four per year.

Q: How often should I contact my patients?

A: At least once a year, but preferably every six months – in addition to your recall letter programme. Remember, your patients are frequently being advertised to by the franchise and multiple groups, so regular contact by you is essential.

Q: How much should I spend on promoting my practice?

A: It depends on what you want to achieve. A budget of £2,500 (around 1% of turnover) should be enough for an established practice. A start-up practice needing new customers will have to spend much more.

Q: How much will my practice revenue increase by joining the Partnership?

A: Results depend on many variables, such as local competition, your staff skills, your product ranges and your pricing levels, as well as marketing. Performance will also depend on how much you use our marketing support. We provide the tools and, since we know they work, we’re confident your business will improve. Typically you could expect an increase of between 5% and 12%.

Q: Can I contact you for marketing advice?

A: Yes. We are always delighted to help and our telephone consultancy is free.

Q: The free trial membership – any conditions?

A: You will receive 3 months free trial membership once you have sent us your completed application form and standing order mandate. You can then use any of the Partnership's current marketing programmes and you'll also receive your member's marketing manual. The standing order mandate will be sent to your bank only after your 3 months trial period is over. If you do not wish to continue your membership, just let us know before the end of the trial period so that we do not process your standing order payment. You only pay for any marketing materials you order. Membership fees are non-refundable once paid.

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