How we help you

You may not think you can be on an equal footing with the multiples, but you can – especially when it comes to talking to your customers, and building a relationship with them. A relationship that keeps them coming back.

You keep your independence, your professionalism and your identity – we just give you a helping hand. An extra edge. We help you:

  • Increase appointments – through patient mailings that bring people in

  • Attract new patients – with tested household leaflet drops that spread your name without costly, wasteful advertising

  • Increase your profitability per patient – get them to spend more

  • Build patient loyalty – by increasing patient satisfaction

  • Promote your practice without spending a fortune – membership saves you up to 70% on the cost of marketing materials

We give you what you need to tell people about the benefits you offer. We give you materials and expertise – letters, leaflets, newsletters, thoughtful advice and valuable research. We help you compete with the multiples for a fraction of what it would cost you doing it by yourself.

How do we do it?

Just as the multiples can afford to produce lots of affordable marketing material, so can we, and for the same reason. They buy in bulk – so do we. But not for one set of multiple outlets – for hundreds of independents like you.

And here’s good news:

Despite the millions they spend … you’re in a better position than you may imagine.

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