Ways to be specific: a choice of campaigns

Our professionally produced campaigns enable you to compete with the multiples (and their marketing) without affecting the professional reputation you’ve built up.

One reason is that your marketing is targeted at specific patient groups, making it more relevant to their needs. This increases its effectiveness and improves the response.

You can take part in a different campaign every month (e.g. Rx sunglasses in April, kids eye care in June, or a Winter Sale in December), but only if you want to. Decide which programmes are most suitable for your practice – and only pay for the materials you actually need.

Then send out leaflets to your patients or use them for local household drops to attract new customers. All have the personal touch – your own practice’s name, address and individual message are printed on them, so there is no doubt who it comes from. Also available when you need them: press releases, patient letters, adverts and posters to reinforce your message.

“I think the children, age and vision and eye examination leaflets are
very good – especially the explanations. It really helps
that people understand a bit before they come in.”

Simone Mason, Eyesite Eyecare Centres, Coventry

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