Your 130-page marketing manual

When you join you get a detailed manual – not just a ‘how to’ book – a ‘how to succeed’ manual on increasing revenue and bringing in new customers. Use its 130 fact-packed pages and discover:

  • The psychology of patient buying behaviour and how to use it to develop your practice

  • How to use a practice newsletter to increase appointments and dispensing values

  • How and when to use promotional leaflets, including special offers

  • How advertising works and why it could be a waste of your money

  • How to gain free PR and editorial coverage in your local paper and radio

  • How to increase response to your patient recall letters through expertly written text

  • How to measure and improve patient satisfaction and loyalty

This manual alone could be worth many £1,000s in potential extra business. That’s because it offers not guesswork, but proven strategies that increase appointments and sales. It’s yours to keep, even if you decide not to continue with membership after your free trial period.

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