In-focus newsletter

Like a relevant letter to the right person, our professionally produced practice newsletter In-focus really helps you communicate better with your patients – and get new ones. Here’s what it does:

  • Gives more relevant information about your practice than any advert or small leaflet can. The more that patients understand, the more likely they are to visit you and spend more.

  • Reinforces the loyalty of current patients and helps keep them from looking elsewhere.

  • Attracts new patients with its strong, professional image and relevant facts.

  • Promotes a positive message without a blatant sales pitch. The public sees quality newsletters as reliable and objective (like a magazine) rather than as a form of advertising.

In-focus can be distributed with reminder letters, by household drops, or simply be left in your reception area for patients to browse. You also save around 70% (at least £1,800) on the usual cost of producing a practice newsletter. And this is easily recouped – it only takes three typical dispensings to pay for 1,000 copies.

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