Patient satisfaction research

Do you know how satisfied your patients are with what you offer? Are your prices realistic? Could you improve your customer service? If so, where and how?

We help you keep your patients satisfied – and the more satisfied they are, the more loyal they become ...and the less likely to try out your competitors.

  • Discover what matters to them by taking part in our Patient Satisfaction Research programme. Quite simply, it cuts out the guesswork.

  • Find out if your products and services are exactly what your patients want

  • Identify what to improve for the greatest satisfaction and loyalty gains

  • Compare your results against the benchmark average of other practices which have taken part in this research among 6,400 patients

  • Develop your practice through improved patient loyalty and retention

You get a detailed report as part of this programme. It analyses the results for your practice then makes specific recommendations for improving your patient satisfaction and loyalty.

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