'Recommend a Friend'
– proven to be the easiest way to get new patients

Before buying something or trying out a new service, how often have you gone with the recommendation of a friend? Or a family member? It’s the same with getting new patients – research reveals that 61% of them initially choose their optician because of a personal referral.

But research has also found that many more patients (a third more, in fact) would be willing to recommend their practice. This could make a significant difference to your patient numbers and practice income.

Our ‘Thank You’ personal recommendation programme:

  • Motivates existing patients to recommend your practice to their friends

  • Gives prospective patients an extra incentive to use your practice

  • Gives you a system for patient referrals that is self-financing

The programme lets you acquire new patients at hardly any cost. It harnesses the willingness of existing patients to recommend your practice, but in a structured way that doesn’t leave patient referral to chance. 

Take a look at our special voucher leaflet for this popular programme – click here

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