Six proven ways to generate more business

We specialise only in helping independent practitioners like you. So you get an approach that is geared totally towards your business – and generating more of it – at an affordable price. This is what you get when you join the Partnership:

  • A full year’s worth of monthly campaigns: leaflets personalised with your practice details, patient letters, posters, advert artwork and press releases – all professionally created, all proven to deliver results

  • A leaflet specially designed for local household drops to attract new patients

  • A practice newsletter, In-focus, that tells your existing and potential patients about the benefits of regular eye care and better quality spectacles at your practice

  • A 130 page manual, packed with professional marketing techniques and practical tips on simple, low-cost ways to promote your practice

  • A free benchmarking service – so you see how your performance compares to other independents

  • A research programme that tells you how satisfied patients are with your practice and shows you ways to improve your services, prices and patient loyalty.

And don’t forget about the 70% you also save on your marketing materials.

“It’s great value for money, very much so. It helps us differentiate
from the multiples and is really ideal for what we do.”

Simone Mason, Eyesite Eyecare Centres, Coventry.

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