What your professional colleagues say about
The Independent Marketing Partnership

John Wright, Thornton & Wright Opticians, Halifax:

“There is no doubt it helps us against the multiples.
It’s certainly money well spent.
We wouldn’t do it otherwise.”

Graham Sims, Sims Opticians, Teddington:

“We find the service very worthwhile. You couldn’t get anywhere
near these prices if you tried doing it on your own.”

“Nobody else does what they do. They’re very professional.
I don’t have the time or the expertise.
They take all that hassle away from me.”

Melanie Chilvers, Coe, Costa & Moore Opticians, Norwich:

“I can’t think of any other organisation that could fulfill our needs in the way
we want them. Without a doubt, they’re invaluable.”

“No practice can afford to do nothing. You have to take a proactive approach.
Using their leaflets possibly – no, probably – adds about 20% to the
business we might do otherwise.”

“They really go the extra mile. They’re always there for advice, always at
the other end of the phone if you need them.”

“We could never afford the standard elsewhere at the price they do. It’s invaluable for us to have something where the production and
content is of such a high quality.”

“Patients do read the leaflets – you can tell by what they say
and the questions they ask when they come in.”

Simone Mason, Eyesite Eyecare Centres, Coventry:

“It’s great value for money, very much so. It helps us differentiate
from the multiples and is really ideal for what we do.”

“What we really appreciate is the choice – you can pick and choose as you like.”

Harsh Shah, Eyewise Optometrists, Hillingdon:

“If anything, we have to be more active in letting the public know what
independent opticians are about, as their perceptions are often wrong.
This service is a great way to set us apart from the multiples.”

“The newsletters are so well written – they’re certainly value for money.
They’re very useful in speaking our customers’ language.”

“The benchmarking service is invaluable. I’m always interested to know
what’s happening with other opticians. I use it extensively.”

Andy Duffield, Duffield & Duffield Optometrists, South Woodham Ferrers:

“It levels the playing field when going up against the multiples.
Frankly, not to do anything would be almost suicide.”

“It saves time, hassle and money. For a busy independent practice like mine
that’s a premium. To be brutally honest, I wouldn’t do it on my own. This way I
get a very professional service that helps me to stamp my authority
and get across my expertise.”

“For a small business like ours, the Independent Marketing Partnership enables us to communicate with our patients successfully and, by way of educating people, often instigates enquiries on products.”

Chris Coakley, Coakley & Associates Optometrists, Wisbech:

“Quality materials which reflect the practice image we
continually strive to promote. Marketing support without the
hard sell, but which definitely helps generate
higher value dispensings.”

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