Why you need professional marketing support

You might wonder, “Why marketing? Why do I need it? Isn’t it just a lot of jargon and useless expenditure on advertising?”

Well, strip away all the jargon, and marketing is simply defined: give people what they want – tell them about it – and get better paid for it.

You may smile at that. After all, that’s what you do every day. But with a little planning and professional help, could you do it better?

This starts with one thing: you have to tell people regularly how you can help them. And you don’t need a high-priced advertising agency to do it.

John Wright from Thornton & Wright Opticians in Halifax thinks we have the right approach:

“We know it works. You don’t mind spending money on it if it works.”

You will find – as so many others have – that because we specialise in helping your profession, and nothing else, we do the job for far less. Not tens of thousands of £££s a year – just a few hundred.

Professional marketing works. The largest 4 multiples spend 4.9% of their revenue on marketing but have nearly 50% market share with only 19% of outlets.

So to compete you need to provide more than just high standards of professional eye care. You need to talk about how you can help your current and potential patients. You need to explain why they should visit you more often, how you can look after their eyes, why they should buy better quality eyewear.

That’s where professional marketing comes in. It helps you communicate better and compete. It helps you get patients through the door… so that your high standard of service, together with carefully planned reminders, will keep them coming in.

Marketing is a realistic investment that really boosts your business and develops your practice – but only if it is done properly.

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