Practice Brochure: tell your complete story

You need to tell people about what you do – and how you can look after their eye care needs – in a way that is professional, easy for patients to understand, and comprehensive.

Unless they know about the full range of what you offer and the quality of your service, you will lose customers and practice income.

To get your message across, we’ve devised a 12 page practice brochure which:

  • Gives a concise description of the professional eye care, quality products and personal service available from your practice

  • Lets you customise your communication with more relevant information about your practice than is possible with our standard patient leaflets

  • Promotes an image of professionalism and quality for your practice

The brochure is ideal for use with recall letters and household leaflet drops. It also helps you and your team turn telephone enquiries into definite appointments when sent to prospective patients.

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